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CLOSED [29 Jul 2004|12:17pm]
I don't have any more motivation to update my LJ anymore...maybe for a few private entries...and to see what my GHS friends are up to.

Feel free to check in on my xanga...i'll update there most likely...but I think I want to get a new name...hehe...

So diS is balajadia...0utZ!!!
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bored again.... [26 Jun 2004|09:16am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Hey all!!! It's been a crazy ass week....kinda boring too but oh well. I went to LB orientation on Thursday. I met some people and got comfy with the place. A lot of the people were commuters. There were lots of Asians...fobby ones too! It was pretty funny actually. Some cute guys but nothing compared to my sexy man. Hahaha. I'm taking Japanese 101 (haha I think Diana will be proud of me for that), Sociology 100, English 1 (hah a remedial class...stupid EPT...I could get out of it if I passed my AP's...fat chance...lol), Math 10 (another remedial math class cuz of those stupid ELM results...and it's shit I already know!!! maybe i can get out of it if I pass AP Calc), and University 100 (a gay class that is required). Interesting class schedule...

Four more days until I leave for Philippines...I gotta gather all my shit and figure out what I gotta bring...and what to buy to eat in the airport. Airport food is expensive!!! =/ Let's see....some Krispy Kreme....some boba...anything else??? LoL. Some CD's...damn looks like I'm gonna have to think fast.

Has anyone noticed that the singer JoJo is a 21 year old stuck in a 13 year old body? I've been listening to her CD and she sings nothing like an average 13 year old. Not that it's a bad thing because she can really sing. I'm just like, geezus she could turn out to be another Corey Feldman and grow up too fast. LoL. I wonder if she even knows what she is singing! The lyrics are waaaay too mature for her. But okay...anyways...

Better get off to clean my room so I can leave. And I still haven't tagged Kim's LJ yet! I need to do that before I leave!

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boredddd [17 Jun 2004|12:34pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

I'm trying to finish up my senior memories collage. I have wayyy too many pictures, so I decided to make a collage. Maybe I will post for all to see...it looks hella excellent so far. I have Sadies, Prom, last few days of school...everything that I have pictures of from this year basically.

Yesterday was really boring, and I'm betting today will be too. I stayed home most of the time. I don't have a car at the moment so I can't really leave the house...and my brother is already out of school so I have to watch him. I want to catch a showing of The Goonies on HBO but I think I missed it. =[ Oh well...I spent a great deal last night watching primetime TV on FOX. Simple Life 2...it was pretty funny. I don't really think rich people such as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie possibly be that dumb...okay maybe they are! LoL. The one where they lost the little girl during hide and seek...man even I would know she could have been inside. LoL. Then it was time for Quintuplets. It was really funny! I like it...I'm tuning in next week. The cool guy, Parker, is really hot! Hehehe. The little guy just cracks me up. He fainted once he saw boobs! LoL. The loner girl...kinda reminds me of a few people I know...the popular girl, your epitome of a party girl. The weird guy is freaking hilarious!!! In a way, he reminds me of me. Method and Red is pretty funny, but it doesn't beat Quintuplets. Like Method's mom lives with him because he made enough money to buy her a big ass house. I like Shorty! He's a cutie! He's all into rap and stuff. It's so funny how Method and Red are way ghetto and their neighbors aren't.

Oh well.....off to lunch and other stuff.

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i miss high school [14 Jun 2004|01:39pm]
[ mood | stinky ]

Am I cool or uncool? [CLICK]
You are Cool!
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What Name Should You Have? by Lauren

Now that's pretty interesting. I know a Krista actually...Felbinger...from Calculus! Hahaha.

I can't believe high school is already over! It still hasn't hit that I won't be seeing many of you again...only like on LJ and stuff...I mean, I know I will see a lot of people again, especially this summer because some people just are not leaving yet! Haha. I'll be leaving for LB in August, but I'll be coming back every now and then. I look over the pictures from the end of the year and I'm like thinking, damn this guy is super hot...but then I'll never know if I will see him again or not. I always pray that I'll run into someone this summer or whatever. The random people in class...I will never see them again. All the funny people that make silly comments...gone!

Awwww..... some things that will live in my memory that I miss but not limited to:
the nutrition bench...it's been through some good times and bad times
mrs. brooks
running into anna in the halls during 1st period
the tree at the circle drive...its been through a good deal of drama and shit
the hot jocks
lunch hour f, s, and j years
miss rinear
ta-ing for saunders
mrs. merritt
waiting for christiansen before 2nd per with all the crazy people
abdul's smartass comments in calc
katie and paul
the hilarity in calc
art class (although that's old memories)
goin to denny's at 2am with the crew
mall trips with good ol friends
chem class soph year with anna, mandy, and all dem nutz
jeannie's house
prom and sadies
bandland haha
grace and walt
mrs. sands
lunch dates at wendys with the girls
going with wes to the arcade to play DDR
luke and his ghetto style
freaky deaky nicole and the buddha belly
elder's spanish class frosh and soph years
chris abalo and how he used to call me baja
george and kam...and their lil arguments over lakers
angi and tim
goin to krystal's to do whatever
goin to trisha's to do whatever
rams and his big canada theory
the video project with debbie, elise, and matt
convos on the wall about life
eugene and his dorkiness in calc
james and his cuckooness and jokes in calc
hell i'll miss calc class
walking with trisha and wes to 3rd
me and sally's oldies dance
movie trips
business class talks
miss tate
jokes with my dad and grandpa
talks with my mom and grandma
buggin with shaun
train station
hanging out with krystal
having a guaranteed parking spot
a walk to remember
random chill sessions with the cuzins

and many many more!!!

I think I'll go find something to do.......maybe read a book? I have The Notebook but I never got a chance to read it. And the movie on it is coming out soon. Maybe I'll start reading that. Or maybe clean the whirlpool of a room that I sleep in. Or look back on the memories of high school. So much to look back on. It really does not feel like high school is totally over.
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pistons? EWWWW! [13 Jun 2004|07:20pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Hey there....had a very sad, fun, and interesting day yesterday...First off I went to Nicholas' funeral. I saw the body and it just looked like he was sleeping. TJ's eulogy made me cry!!! ='[ I also saw a lot of relatives...and people I don't know...they were from Ivan's side of the family. I even saw my cousin Jenny (she's my third cousin...haha how I know that...I am not really so sure. all i know is that her dad was my dad's 2nd cuzin) for the first time in sooo many years! She's so pretty now, but she's always been. She's mestiza (half flip from her dad, half white from her mom) so that could explain it. She lives so far away, so it's hard to keep in touch with her. I have her cell number in case I want to call her for anything. Hahahaha...Ryan, Jamie's boyfriend, has a crush on her! He was all asking me who that was and I'm like...um my third cuzin. It was funny cuz Jamie was like right there. Me and Gretz were all like she's just 15!!! Hahahaha. Anyways...Ivan was eyeing our ukoy! It was pretty funny. Then Ivan was playing Connect Four with everyone and kept on winning. We played Speed and Jody kept on winning. And she's the slowest shuffler in the world. LoL. Oh well. Then I went to Trisha's grad party...very interesting. They had a lot of food...lots and lots of Mexican food. Pukey Lukey was there...Sally...Teresa...Sandra...Nicole (of course...it's her house)...Cassie...and a lot of Trisha's relatives. It was okay...we talked and enjoyed ourselves somehow. It was gross cuz Zachary, Trisha's cousin was checking me and Sandra out. That's so sick. He's gonna be a freshman in HIGH SCHOOL! Ewwwww...I prefer freshmen in college...coughandrewcough. Hahaha. Oh well. Next time me and Sandra go over to Jeannie's, we're not gonna dress as nice. Like he was staring at our Sadies group picture for a really long time and he was grossing me and Sandra out. Such a child. Then we went to the pool hall and played a never ending game of pool. Dad got pissed that I got home late...yelled at me...not fun. Oh well. That's life.

Lakers 1 Pistons 2...Everyone is saying the Pistons were the underdogs but now the Lakers are....so GO LAKERS! I'm too afraid to watch right now. I don't even know what the score is. But I guess I have to give props to Rip cuz he can bank shots in. I don't like him though, so there. One good thing to say about the enemy. The anti-Lakers people, you got your fucking wish. But I still don't like your taste in teams. Today I will be a bitch about it...and every other Laker game. I can't help but feel sorry for my guys. I wish God will give them the strength and miracle to win this game. I love my Lakers...no doubt about that shit. It's so sad how everyone outside the Laker fanbase has a distaste of bitterness for them. Can't we all live in a civilized world? I heard there were people outside the Lakers hotel screaming with signs that they hate them and they suck. God I hate the haters. Hahahaha. Makes me want to punch them in their faces.

I watched a bit of the game...and they showed the FILIPINO broadcasters!!!! Represent! And they even put in a little bit of what they were saying on ABC! Cooooooolness!!!!!


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YEAHHHH CLASS OF '04!!! [10 Jun 2004|01:36pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Hell yeah! No more high school!!! I'm so glad I'm out!

Tuesday was the Senior Awards Breakfast...I got like $100 for the Sylvia Butler Scholarship. It was interesting...I can't believe Zigan said my name right. Leo Tran got a lot of awards...shiet, he's gonna be on a free ride to UC Berkeley for allz I know! It was long as hell though.

Well...grad practice was boring...and hellah long. We took the panoramic picture which freaking took ages. My "white boy" sat in the row in front of us....=] Sandra was all pointing that out and telling Trisha that I must be super happy. Haha...quite true. I was the first in line for the B's! That made me feel good...hahaha. I sat next to this guy that I never saw in my life! It was kinda weird. But I'm pretty sure that there are people that don't know I exist. Out of like 600 some students...it's quite possible. It didn't really hit me at the time that high school was really over cuz you're seeing the same people again for this one last time.

The grad ceremony was really awesome. Kelly and Leo did a really good job with their valedictorian speeches but I have to say that Leo had the stronger speech. Everyone was totally into it and it was quite hilarious. Then everyone walked up to get their diploma case (we don't get them till after)........it was quite long. I thought it was interesting finding out people's names. I had no idea that Bernard's real name was actually Raul...or that George Snyder was a 9th! DAMN...that's a lot of George Snyders. Now that was interesting. My guy has an interesting middle name...it's a unisex name but the spelling is like a chick's when I looked at the program. Not what I was expecting at all. I was only wondering what his parents were on when they named him...No...I didn't cry when he walked up the stage. Actually, I thought I was gonna cry...I'm never gonna see him again unless I bump into him at Savon's or Wally World...=[ =[ At least I have that picture to hold in my memories. OMG sad isn't it? I'm still ogling over a high school crush that will never be...but I'm sure in time I'll get over it.

I had a little grad party...okay big grad party...at my house after the ceremony and before I left for grad nite. Got soooo much money! I think it was over $300! Hehehehhee. I didn't even bother to figure out who gave me what amount. I just wanted to stash it away...but I do read the greetings and stuff and thanked everyone who came! It was awesome......I never thought graduation would cause quite a stir. Sooo many people were at my house...especially all them little boys. Hahaha...and the usual cuzins!!!! =] It was bomb...thanks to all who came!

Grad nite!!!!! Damn, it was a really long time before we actually got to Disneyland. First we had to wait for everyone to get on the bus...it took a really long time...and everyone was flashing pictures on the bus. When we finally got there, these two guys from our bus got out and pissed on the bushes. It was hilarious!!!! Hahahaha. Before that, the bus driver was gonna drive into a wall and held up the buses and cars behind us. Hahaha it took him 5 or 10 minutes just to make that turn. Then Trisha and I met up with Sandra and Diana and Adam. Diana and Adam went off on their own and the three of us wandered all around the park...went on a lot of rides...I saw Rams, John P, Caitlin Lujan, Babak, and who I think may be Babak's cousin or something in line for Haunted Mansion. It was quite funny how Rams and Babak know the ride so well. Rams pushed me into the creepy hall...Hahaha. No hard feelings. DUMBO!!! Hahaha. We went on that shiet twice! I wanted to go on Matterhorn but the line was too long! We danced at some of the club things but it really kills your feet. Club KIIS played some songs soooo many times it got really annoying after a while. Ooooh...there's so many hot hot hot guys there from other schools.....yeeawh! I saw one of my old friends from CCD but I didn't say hey to him cuz he probably wouldn't remember me anymore. Ah well...Grad Nite was really fun but I got really really tired after a while. I was just amazed that I could drive home afterwards.

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RIP Nicholas Andrew Chavez [06 Jun 2004|10:14pm]
RIP Nicholas Andrew Chavez...my cousin. He was Nicolle and Ivan's baby. Nicolle was only 6.5 months along actually. Nicolle had to do an emergency C-section and Nicholas didn't survive because the umbilical cord got wrapped around its neck and he stopped breathing. I knew that Nicolle went to the hospital and all but I didn't know what else was going on because no one told me anything. I'm really sad because it was too soon for Nicholas to leave us. We could have had good times together. It's so sad. I'm really sad for Nicolle and Ivan. I saw a digital pic of him and he was soooo tiny. I wish I got to see him before he left us......

Double sad day. The Lakers fucking lost. Damn Detroit to hell. Damn them. They will NOT rob us of what we rightly deserve! I hate the Pistons....

DIE PISTONS DIE! Not literally of course. I'm not THAT cruel. =o
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NO MORE HIGH SCHOOL!!!! [04 Jun 2004|11:47pm]
Yahhh...officially out of high school! I checked out this morning...and got my cap/gown/tassel/CSF stole....goodbye assembly. Not that many people cried. I thought I would get all sappy and shit but I guess I didn't. Oh well.

Okay, so there's a part of me that will definitely miss high school. No more familiar faces and teachers that at least know you exist. It really hit me that I'm not gonna be in high school and that I'm actually moving on with my life. In a way, I'm scared because I don't know what to expect. But I'm totally excited cuz there's all this newfound freedom! I will finally get away from some of my parents' wrath once I'm 18 and dorming at Long Beach! Gosh, they are so freaking uptight sometimes, but I guess they have their reasons...I hope my mom's attitude about me being out with friends to whenever will fucking change! But my mom can be an uptight bitch so I'm not very sure if it will. I'm still not 18...not until fucking July. Damn it. I feel like I didn't have enough time to experience all the things I wanted to.

There's so many people that I regret not getting to know better. Two people in particular really. I really wish I got to know Jason better. It sounds really random cuz I don't even know him at all but I felt like we could have been friends. When we started working on that Sports presentation, I felt like we had a lot in common. I never got a real chance to talk to him before! Even though we are on totally different social planets, we could have had that real common ground that no one would really have especially if you are in totally different social planets. He likes sports and we could definitely talk about that...and just life in general you know. Andrew too...gosh...I really regret not talking to him very much. It did start off a few years back when I had a huge crush on him. I made it to something that it really wasn't. The worst part is that he knew about it and I scared him away. I really felt like a jerk for pretty much screwing it up back then. And then now as a (former) high school senior, I couldn't even work up the nerve to talk to him cuz I was so nervous of what he would think of me cuz of what happened. We worked in a group together in class for a short time and he was really really nice about everything. When I come to think of it, what if it never leaked that I crushed on him and we became great friends? I could have had another awesome person to talk to. I'm just saying that it could have happened. Maybe it's just wishful thinking but it could have gone into more than just talking to each other...oh well. I can't really do anything about it now unless I unexpectedly bumped into him at some random place and time and we kept in touch from there (I heard he's staying local so it probably won't be as hard as it may seem...but it prolly is! haha). Hahaha yeah right. That would have to take a scripted moment for that to happen. Que sera sera...whatever will be will be. I mean, if it's meant to happen that I would or could be friends with either Jason or Andrew, then it will happen. If not...shit happens for a reason.

Tonight, I learned a lot of shit. And it was all from this old guy at a gas station. Cass told him that we were all high school grads. And then he gave her $20 to enjoy life. He gave Trish, Cassie, and me a long winded speech in which he said a lot of the same things over and over. I'll never forget the important things that he said...like don't sell yourself short and enjoy life...Live it up. He said that it was most definitely fate that we bumped into him cuz he was telling us all this shit. But then all of a sudden, he mentioned that he was almost 60 and didn't need Viagra and that his wife turns him on! OMG LoL. It was the funniest random thing. He was most likely drunk too cuz he had wine and he said that he wasn't drunk, which is a dead given that he really was. But he did have a lot of wisdom in that drunken scenario if you ask me. It's like one of the most greatest epiphanies I've ever had. I don't know what Cassie and Trish had going in their heads but I thought what that old guy said would somehow make an impact on the rest of my life and the way it goes.

I made up with Apple...or shall I just say Wes...Everyone is all good now and it was a good way to end the year for me. I'm just civil and friendly with everyone. I will miss a lot of them so much since I won't be seeing many people anymore. I will miss my readers (if I DO have any...hahaha!!!!! kidding) because I won't be seeing you everyday or often. But we will always have these handy dandy journals to KIT, right?
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pictures from senior x out day [03 Jun 2004|04:05pm]

There are some really cute and awesome pictures on there. I put the best ones on my xanga....lol
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OME MORE DAY! [02 Jun 2004|05:31pm]
OMG! One more day left and it's the last day of senior classes!!!! Yay! Finally, I'm almost out of that damn place!!!

English- More presentations....yawn...signed yearbooks...got senior checkout cards...Actually, one of the videos shown had one of the guys I used to like on it. It kinda brought back memories cuz they showed him a lot. I was thinking damn the camera loves him! He looked totally OMG hurt me sexy!
TA- I returned my Govt book because I didn't need it anymore...there was a long ass line to return books and all. I have to get my card signed by the librarian and the student store lady. And then it was just boredom from there.
Calc- We went over the Chapter 7 test and the final. Eh. Whatever...then I signed more yearbooks! Gosh...it's been a yearbook signing day cuz I won't see a lot of those people anymore!
M/F- Daddy Day Care and more yearbook signing!
Govt- Everyone else took the final while I sat there bored stiff. Hynes exempted me and Pam Feng from the final cuz we always set the curve and that we're the top students in the class...It was funny cuz she announced it to the whole class yesterday...I didn't even know about it until then! It was a fat surprise for me...but it saved me a lot of stress! Dad wouldn't let me ditch...=[ So I had to come to Govt. It was soooooo boring. I felt pretty bad for everyone else taking it though.

I have almost no more room in my yearbook for people to write in. And I still have to take pictures cuz I didn't have time today to take any. Okay, well I'm gonna go watch THE GOONIES now...it's on HBO.
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anyone still reading this? haha...sorry for another lack of updates! [28 May 2004|06:32pm]
How much respect can you lose for a person in one day? I'll tell you the answer...LOTS. I used to be friends with this person...let's call them APPLE. Okay, well Apple just had to ruin my morning by confronting me about why I am pissed off at them. So I told Apple why and gave them a piece of my mind. At first I felt pretty guilty for being a jerk but someone had to do it. I was almost gonna give Apple a letter I wrote that I wanted to be friends again but then later on, my friend told me that Apple was blaming her because he thinks that she's the reason I'm not talking to him. Therefore I lost all respect for him for being such an asshole. He made such a big fat issue over a really small issue. What happened is really long and complicated and we all know pretty damn well that I'm not a good storyteller (which is why I would never write a children's book). First of all, I am not talking to Apple because of my own reasons. He dissed my friend, told her he was ruining her life, that she used him (which is NOT true at all) and pretty much spoiled the gratitude he should have had for her. It doesn't really go well with me when you put down my friends after all they have given to you. It just isn't right at all cuz she did so much for him. Who took him everywhere? Who helped him when he was down? She did! OMG. I strongly thought it was all wrong. That is the thanks she got. How sad, ain't it? I shouldn't be pitting others' problems on myself but when he said all the things he said I just lost a lot of respect for him. He became a rude, cold-hearted arrogant asshole. That is not the person I have come to known, and it disheartens me that he turned into a dick. That is the reason why I have had an "Apple boycott".

School was sooo boring and long, but I'm super glad the weekend came. Yay! Zero period was very very very boring as usual. I was sitting there in my seat in the back of the room...and then JASON scared the shit out of me. I was minding my own business studying for my Calc final and writing my letter and then he was all like, Karen, do you have all the research you need or somethin like that...I can't really recall what he said but he came from behind and I got startled. It was kinda funny actually. But it was cool. He's really nice...and I thought all the cute jocks were assholes. Not this one. Then first period...second period Calc test...bore...nutrition...bore...third period...bore...and so on. We had a sub in Govt and it was all busy work which I finished in 15 minutes. OMG. Mandy, Meagan and I were talking about how Mandy pierced her own ears. I was like...is that safe? Then for lunch....Sandra and Trisha were trying to convince Dwyer to give Sally an A. Then we went to the credit union and Wendy's for lunch. It was quite interesting...since Sally is a germ freak, she takes forever to wash her hands. LoL. And then we talked about forking the school...haha inside joke between me, Sandra, Trish, and Sally. That moment made me feel better about everything. I have good friends and family and I don't want to take them for granted anymore. I guess that's what set me off to get pissed at Apple. Cuz he truly hurted someone I loved like family. Ugh. Okay.....anyways...so we got our yearbooks. Trisha had to pick up Cassie's yearbook for her since she paid for hers even though she doesn't live in Cali anymore and it was a mess. She even called Cass on her cell and I think Cass talked to Mitchell about the yearbook issue.......

I looked through the yearbook and it surprised me that so many years have gone by so quickly within the blink of an eye. Some of the guys looked cheesy in their yearbook pictures! Hehehe...and some of them looked pretty damn HOT. Who knew? =P I ogled over some but not all of these guys over the past four years! Look on pages....

22-he's such a coolass guy, I love sitting behind him in 2nd period! he's chill...one of my favorite people
26-I had a crush on him last year and a lil bit this year...he's not bad looking...he's intriguing to the mind. you won't believe who it is.........=O i always used to think what could have been with him...if we only didn't come from completely different sides of the table
29-had a crush on him sophomore year. hehehehehe. now I think it's silly
41-he was sooooo nice to me last year, and i'm pretty sure he stayed the same this year
42-i used to refer to him as my calc hottie cuz he was in dat class with me....very very HOT. i'm gonna miss ogling over wishing and hoping and praying. lol.
46-he's really good looking. surprisingly very nice and seemingly down to earth
47-ha ha ha he makes me laugh so much in Calc with the things he says!
63-what to say about him..gosh i had the biggest crush on him sophomore year, still cute but kinda jerky...
64-not all that cute but HOT body..................
71-DAMN he's hot. he never ever changed his appearance over the past four years.

Laugh if you will! I know some of you will just die or puke all over your keyboard if you are intelligent enough to figure these guys out! LoL.

Some of the people with senior ads were soooooooo cute when they were kiddies! I didn't get one cuz I'm too poor. Those ad things are expensive!!!!! =/ KC has a really large familia. 10 kids? Damn! I bet his parents are hellah rich. The picture of him sleeping with just his diaper on...CUTE! =] hehehe.

Diana DeGarmo was robbed. Fantasia is not audibly appealing to me. Honestly I don't think she will sell that much. Fantasia fans, go ahead and prove me wrong while I'm in line for Diana, Jasmine, Latoya, and Camile's CDs. I'm gonna make them a lot of money hahaha.
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props to jas for a classy exit [19 May 2004|04:32pm]
Jasmine was voted out last night....I was sad...yeh. But that's life I guess. I think Hawaii voted their asses off LOL...as did I. Good luck to Jazzy in the future. I'm glad she doesn't have to go through all that biased treatment anymore. It's waaay too obvious on the show. That just sucks. As of who will win? I honestly think Diana is gonna win. Fantasia seems cool but I don't think she has as much support as Diana. Ahhh well. Diana is more audibly appealing. I'm not gonna vote next week cuz my votes went to Jasmine...I don't think I could vote for anyone else. The only reason I kept watching was for her!!

Ugh. I can't stand some people right now.....
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hola everyone...after a looong LJ hiatus [18 May 2004|01:57pm]
Hey everyone! Sorry it's been like forever since I've updated LJ! I've been so pre-occupied with a lot of shit. Hehehe. I've become this hardcore Jasmine fan over the past month or so...and I've been cheering on the Lakers!!! Woohoo!!

School has been...well...school. We just got the baby project details yesterday in M/F. I'm excited to carry around the baby and stuff. I probably won't get it till later this week or sometime next week. I don't know if I can take the baby next week cuz I have tests and finals. I don't think I can concentrate with a baby in my lap/hands or get a reliable babysitter during those periods. Gov't and Calc. Ewwwwwwww. Hehehe. I could get Trisha to babysit during Calc, but I don't see her at all before 2nd. Hopefully Wednesday I can get the baby!!! Hehe. I want a girl. Since Miss Tate said we had to name our babies, I want to name mine Aimee Jasmine (a guy I liked had a gf with the same name lol...and she wasn't very attractive either!). Heck I might change my mind and get a boy. If that happens, I want him to be named Justin Dominic. Hehehe. Ummmmm........I'm just hoping that I keep my grades up during this time....especially the fact that there are two weeks left of school!

I'm excited for the top 3 performing tonight! I heard from the spoiler boards that Jasmine gave an excellent performance. Hopefully this will be true for me. I love Jasmine and I want her to win AI3. Shame on the judges. They were mean to her last week and it just backfired on them. She's still in! Ha Simon...in your face. Randy...just sucks. I think when he lost all that weight, his sense and decorum was lost too. He has been a rude cow towards Jasmine. On Access Hollywood, they asked him what are Jasmine's chances of winning and he laughed. He said that if William Hung released an album anything can happen. How RUDE! They compared Jasmine to William Hung! Jasmine does not deserve that kind of humiliation. Unlike William Hung, Jasmine CAN sing! Yesterday proved it. She was on that top three special thing and she was great. That whole album thing is a travesty. I hope it doesn't sell millions. Hehehe. Jasmine is by far a better singer than William Hung. Randy is just blind and deaf to not see that. Asshole. Burn in hell, Randy. Paula...eh. I don't really care about her. She's just there. Randy just pisses me off. Regardless if Jasmine wins AI or not, she's still my American Idol. Hahaha I'm gonna vote like crazy! Okay I'll stop going overboard!


the most accurate one! hehehe.
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PROM NITE WAS BITCHIN! [02 May 2004|02:18pm]
[ mood | listless ]

Sorry bout lack of updates...been stressed over Prom and AP's

Gotz ta blog about Prom night....greatest night ever! It was all worth the money!!!!

First off, I had to go to Fullerton for EPT/ELM placement testing. I was gonna have a heart attack because I thought I wasn't gonna make my appointment for Vogue. It was like at 2:30 and the test started at 9, although they said it would be at 8:30. Must have been the reporting time because by 8:45 it was a long freaking line. The tests were super long but they were a piece of cake. The EPT answers were way too obvious. The ELM was toooooo easy even though I guessed on the questions that required a lot of work. I wanted to leave early, so I rampantly guessed on them purposely. So I left at like 1. I don't even care cuz it was sooo fuckin easy. I left a half hour early and bumped into some traffic on the 57. So I finally got to the 10 and it was okay from there. There were sooo many people that do not know how to drive. People cut me off too abruptly and yeahhhh.....

Then I get to VOGUE to meet Trisha and Grace. BUT before that I had to go get myself a boba down at Boba Loca cuz I was craving one. Hahaha. Trish got my dress and shoes the night before so no one would have to make an extra trip, even though my mom went to Vogue anyway. Trisha had her hair and makeup done first...she looked totally awesome. I also noticed that the makeup artist looked like Kristen Ramos. Like she could be her sister or something. I asked her if she had a sister and she said no cuz she's not from around here. She said she had a brother that was our age. I wonder if he's cute cuz the make up artist was pretty. Hahaha. She's really good at makeup. My eyeshadow was totally light blue cuz it had to match my dress. I looked like a Manila prostitute! Hahahha. But the hair turned out nice so I give her credit. The boys came!!! After like how long? LoL. They looked great with their cute little suits. They had to come with the bouts along with the corsages cuz my mom forgot them in the fridge....hahaha. Oh wellz. After my hair, makeup, and putting on my dress, Nikko and I took pictures. I dunno but I thought that photographer was an asshole. He had the lamest jokes and we got all confused over everything he told us to do. He's all like "sit on his lap and pretend u like him for now...and give him a big hug". He made taking pictures awkward even when it's not supposed to be. Hahaha. I can't wait to see those couple pictures of us. We also saw Autumn and Richard there cuz they took pictures too. She was wearing sneakers! It was quite interesting. Then Trish, Wes, Nikko, and I took our group pictures and the same photographer was still being an ass. =/ Ah whatevers. Nikko, Wes, and I left for my house (of course the boys would be in Nikko's car and me in mine)...Trisha and Grace went back to their place...Ma dad was like whoa when he saw me in all that hair and makeup goop. LoL. I had to change back into my dress cuz I changed into my regular clothes. It took forever and the guys talked to my dad. Dunno bout what....LoL. Then we went to pick Trisha up cuz we're gonna play musical houses and take pictures at my house and Wes' house. All the parents agreed that all of us looked good! Hahaha. Then we all went to Trisha's to take more pictures and to wait for Sally, Blake, and the limo. They were supposed to be with their church group but they were overbooked in the limo so she went with us!!!! Yay! I swear Grace, Meem (Trisha's aunt), and my mom took sooo many damn pictures that I was getting tired of smiling (as was Trisha and the boys). The limo came early and Sally and Blake still weren't there!! So we had to wait...Wes' mom, sis, niece, and Paul came too when the limo came. Took pictures with Katie and Paul......then we all went into the limo and left for the Nixon Library. We were all amazed with those bar lights and sang along to that Redneck Woman song (at least me, Trish, Sally, and Wes...Nikko and Blake were like omg). Nikko couldn't feel the country music in a limo haha. We pulled up into the Nixon Library and got into the line. The guys and girls got searched separately. They did a full body search on the guys and a purse search on the girls. We got separated from Sally and Blake cuz they went to look for their church group. Sooo the four of us leftover were looking for somewhere to sit and the chairs and tables were taken over. We passed by our "friends" cuz Wes said hi to them. Frankly I didn't notice them at all! Haha. Oh well. Whatevers....We finally found a table outside in the back. It was really cold and I was coughing. Trisha and Nikko asked if I was okay and I was like uhhh no! Hahaha, I was gettin sick the whole week but I wanted to stick it out for prom. I asked Nikko to get me water...poor guy. I didn't feel like going in the food line so the guys got us stuff. The karaoke they had there was pretty atrocious. A lot of the people were out of tune and off key. Oh well. So we gave in to the excitement of prom and went to the dance floor. Me and Nikko got our groove on the dance floor outside. There was this one dude dancin by himself and all of a sudden he was with two chicks! Hahahaha. I felt like I was gonna get bumped off the dance floor. Too packed outside. Then outside, James and Brittany were prom king and queen. They deserve it! They're so nice!!!! But then we went to look for Sally cuz we were gettin bored and wanted to leave but we got sucked into the dance floor inside. It was soo much fun inside. Nikko even battled Tish for a bit and it was quite entertaining when the slide dance came on. Hahaha!! The video guy got everyone dancing. Funnnn times!!!! I wanted to stay honestly. We were all sweating like crazy! We left at around 11 and met Mike (our limo driver) on Yorba Linda. We went to Denny's for dessert....Sally was playing with the sugar packs and drew pictures of me and Trisha with the sugar! Hahahaha. It was quite interesting. Dessert was sooooo damn good! =] Hahaha. After dessert we chilled at Downtown Disney and took pictures at various places. U know the f sign on Cali Adventure's entrance? =] So many things we did! Trisha and I tried to skip around like Cinderella! Hahaha. Then we didn't know what else to do so we told Mike to drive around in circles. Before we knew it, we were in Hunitington Beach! We drove around that and me and Sally waved and Sally and Nikko asked for Grey Poupon! Hahahahaha. Those two crack me up!!! Then I got tired.......but didn't sleep cuz I had to support Sally cuz she laid on Nikko, Trish, and I. Blake laid down on the floor and he's so damn tall cuz he was the same height as the floor. He's like 6`4? Yeahhh...Then we drove back home and listened to more music......I was getting sleepy and sleepy...............................Nikko drove me home...then I took off all the goop on my hair and face...took forever...then I went to sleep at like 3 somethin. Don't remember...All I remember is that I woke up at 11...like two and a half hours ago??? Hahaha. Prom was totally memorable. I won't forget one second of it.

Thank you to Trisha, Wes, Sally, Blake, and last but not least...muh date NIKKO! Hahaha! You guys made the P in Prom!!!! I hope everyone else who went to GHS JS Prom had the best time, stayed safe (although I know some people probably got drunk....and probably got some u know what), and held some awesome awesome memories!

At the Stroke of Midnight...............we were at Downtown Disney being crazy....

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Beach Pride!!! =] [24 Apr 2004|07:29pm]
[ mood | full ]

I haven't updated in ages! I've been so busy with prom and everything...I didn't have school yesterday cuz of STAR testing. Hahaha underclassmen!

I went down to CSULB's open house today. It was pretty interesting and like 2x the size of Disneyland. I didn't really explore too much of it cuz it was too big. I only went to the opening, the next steps for Freshmen, and the College of Health/Human Services showcase. It was pretty informative and I'm soooo damn excited for college! LoL. I didn't see a single person from Glendora so that makes me feel good cuz I know I'm definitely not in Glendora anymore! =] Hehhee. There probably was like one other person but I didn't see a single Glendora person....lol. There were two cheerleader chicks from Charter Oak and St. Lucy's. Hahaha. That's as local as I will get. That would be pretty funny if one of them became my roommate (if I get a dorm, of course...LoL). Then when I went home, I took a nap. I needed one. I was sooo freaking tired from walking and sitting. LoL. Then Grandma woke me up to go to church. Oh well as long as I don't have to go tomorrow. I really like my sleep.

Prom has been driving me up the wall. So much financial obligations. LoL. I have to pay off me and Nikko's part of the limo. Sally would have been in our group to help out with the money but she's goin with Blake Eden. They're gonna go in their church group. Oh well. Whatever. Me, Trish, Wes, and Nikko are gonna have a kick ass time anyways. Ye-yaaaaay!!!

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[18 Apr 2004|06:46pm]
Ugggghhhh...I hate it when AOL crashes and a long ass entry was erased....So here I go again.

FRIDAY: Left for Santa Maria at around 1....so we stopped by Camarillo Outlets but my mom hated everything cuz it was all expensive so we left after 30 minutes. Hahaha. That left me to experience traffic and scenery on the 101 freeway. It was really awesome. I've been through it before and I am always amazed by the scenery. We get to the MOTEL 6 at around 6 LOL. Hahah. We're so damn cheap. We weren’t gonna live there, it was just a place to sleep anyways. And then we go to Walmart after resting for a while. I bought a lotta shit. I got some tops for myself…and then we stopped by Kathleen’s house. There were aunties cooking and uncles chillin. I was bored to death. Looked over their pictures from when they went to various places. I figure they have a lot of money. Their house is really nice and they have so much memorabilia of Lakers...and it’s all kept in a shed in the back. They also have a lot of capodimonte crap. It’s like a store. LoL. There’s also orchids in the back. Way too many orchids. It’s like a freaking nursery in their backyard. Then we helped out Kathleen’s mom carry supplies to the Flip Center where the debut is gonna be held…I was gonna say hi to her but her mom asked her if she remembered me and she said no. She only met me like twice and the last time I saw her was like two years ago. But we chilled at Joshua’s baptism and shit. We rode in Jamie’s Jag together and she told me that I needed to shave. LOL!!! I was so stupid to even think she would remember me right away. =[ I was sad that she didn’t. Oh well. I took it too hard but I realized she was prolly already super stressed and she was too busy to think of who I was right away. Whatever.

SATURDAY: Woke up…went to Denny’s with Dad cuz Mom and Shaun were too lazy to go. The waitress we had was really nice to us. She was funny too. Like I realized blueberries with eggs turn the eggs green and she was all like oh you’re gonna have green eggs and ham! LoL. Hahaha. Then we drove around to find a liquor store cuz we needed milk and ice. We passed by a Factory 2U store and I was like, OMG Mom would freak. She went to the Factory 2U all the time in Covina before it closed. We went there later on…and Ross (Imagine how she would react if Ross went out of business…). After that, we stopped by Kathleen’s house again to eat. I was like shit damn. LoL. I was still bitter about the incident the night before a bit so I was like oooo okay then. We ate…there were still the usual aunties cooking and preparing and the lazy uncles doing nothing. Hahaha. Bored again…went back to the motel to change. Then we get to the Flip Center and Kathleen welcomed us with hugs. She was very nice and welcoming. She was all like HIIIIIII!!! LoL. I felt really bad about the way I acted. She took a lot of time to prepare for her big event…and damn it was big! Hahaha. There were probably about 300 people there…I don’t know. There was a lot of people, that’s fashooo. I didn’t know the majority of the people at the debut but I did see some familiar faces from LA. Like Tia Soly, Tia Susing, Tita Dodie and her family, Nikko, Harold, their fams, Tita Tess, Hansel, my godson Joshua, Ethan…Jody was supposed to come but didn’t cuz she thought it would be boring. They introduced the court at first and they looked lovely. But it got all screwed up when the MCs couldn’t even time who they introduced in accordance to the way they came. Joshua and Ethan were supposed to be the escorts but they didn’t even walk! I guess they were too young still. They bought lil tuxes and stuff…Okayyy…Time to find someone to chill with! Nikko came to me and talked to me a bit and then we said hey to Harold. We talked about so much shit…but then Nikko had to go cuz he was part of the 18 Roses. So me and Harold chilled the whole time. We got bored of some of the stuff in the program cuz it wasn’t like a lot of people were paying attention. The Cotillion dance was a lot like the one we did for Jody’s! But it was cuz Tito Ubet sent them tapes of cotillion dances that he choreographed (he was our choreographer) and they just did it all. When they were starting the 18 Candles and Wishes, we walked to Boomers for a bit to play video games. It was next door! And it was a cold walk over there. We played air hockey and he kicked my ass and called me a dork for not scoring anything. I was out of it. We went back cuz we wanted food. LoL. They were still doing the candles and wishes by the time we came back. OMG. It was fucccken long. And super boring. Harold and I just ate. Hahaha. Then came time for some more dance numbers. There was a discotillion dance, a dance by four lil girls, then a dance by Kat and her cheer team, a dance with her dad, two dances with her escort. Kat’s a really good dancer but I guess her being the captain of the varsity cheer team can account for that. I really liked the dance with the lil girls cuz they can do the otso otso! Hahaha. Harold and I weren’t expecting that at all!!!! =] It was fun. The program was really well-thought of. I had an okay time but would have had a better time if I knew more people there…Oh well. A very interesting and memorable night.

TODAY: Left Motel 6 at around 10…we chilled in Solvang for a bit. Then we went home…damn it was a looong ride home. And now I’m here. Shit, Santa Maria was nice while it lasted.

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[13 Apr 2004|06:02pm]
I only went to zero and first cuz I didn't feel good enough to go to the rest of my classes. I had an upset stomach throughout the first two classes. I couldn't take it anymore so I called Mom and she said it was okay to come home. I was supposed to take a test in Govt but oh well. And I was also supposed to find out what I got on my Calc test but at least it was a blessing in disguise that I got to go home right before second. Hahaha.

I went to the post office to mail in my ELM/EPT registration form...it has to be in by Friday...sad part is that I'm taking it on the morning of Prom. =[ I can't make any other dates. I could take it on June 19 but that's my brother's birthday and they won't mail in my test results soon enough for the orientation date I want to go to. And I'll be in Philippines by most of the orientation dates. So I guess I'll be sacrificing my sanity on Prom day. =/

I'm going to CSU Long Beach FASHO! =]
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spring break is OVER...=[ [12 Apr 2004|01:47pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Eh...Spring Break should have been longer! Much longer. I didn't feel like going back to school. =/ It was not a good day cuz I felt sleepy and shit in the morning.

English: Outline essay with Jen Becker and Mike Bartels. I was pretty much out of it, so I didn't really do a lot of thinking. But I got my grade back and so far without that Brave New World test, I have an 86.7% in the class. I wonder if I can pull it up to an A by the end of semester but I always say that and I don't pull it off. =[ But I'm glad I got a 7 on my essay on The Broken Heart.
TA: Ehhh...record more papers cuz Saunders told me to
Calc: Christiansen showed us pictures of her newborn great nephew. He's so cute...Ethan Gordon Taylor I think is his name. For some reason she kept on calling him Nathan. LoL. She even showed us pictures right from after he came out. But yeahhh he's the cutest little bundle of joy! It was funny cuz when we had to go back to Calculus, Abdul was all like "Back to Ethan!" Haha. That kid cracks me up sometimes.
M/F: Boring ass class. Miss Tate changed our seats again...and I don't even like the people I sit by, let alone the class. But Amber was talking about some mad drama with Eric...damn, I hate that class.
Govt: Notes. We have a test on those Supreme Court cases tomorrow. Hopefully it will be open notes. I don't feel like studying anything tonight.

Waiting for Friday to come already!!!!!!!!

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a bunch of BS no one cares about [10 Apr 2004|03:53pm]
[ mood | crappy ]


Okay, I've been so busy to update LJ ... so here goes....

I went to the Clay Aiken/Kelly Clarkson concert on Monday at Staples. OMG it was awesome!!!! I got to sit on the floor since the concert wasn't exactly sold out. Staples charged $20 for parking! Isn't that a crock of shit?! Well, the concert was really awesome...especially when at the beginning of his act, Clay came out from the back! OMG I thought I was gonna freak out! Hahaha. Clay sang almost everything on his album and it was cool. There was this one part when Clay grabbed this girl's cell and talked to her friend and her friend was all freakin out!!! Dude I would have been too! =] If I only sat in the front....dude, I love Clay Aiken now! No bashing!!! Then Kelly came out and did her thang...she came out playing her guitar and she sang....I thought it was cool how she signed autographs for the people in the front...made me wish I was up there even more! =] Clay and Kelly sang "Without You" at the end...I wanted them to sing another song together.....!!! When we came out, guys were selling T-Shirts of the concert for like $10 but I didn't buy one. Oh well....! They'll be 99 cents soon enough.

On Tuesday, the familia and I went to Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove to watch the Glory of Easter. It was really beautiful. We got lost on the way there though. Like we were supposed to exit at Chapman Ave. There are two Chapman Ave exits on the 57 freeway...and we exited at the first one going towards Fullerton. Boy were we lost! We were really supposed to exit at the second Chapman Ave exit by Orange. So Dad just kept on driving and little did we know, we found the right exit! LoL. I was all mesmerized by the way the Crystal Cathedral looked! All crystal...and it was sooo huge! I couldn't believe it. I never knew how many Asian people I could have spotted at one spot. But I guess it's cuz Garden Grove is full of Asians. The play was awesome! I liked all the animals that made an appearance!!! Pigs, horses, sheep! The pig went oink oink! At the end, angels were flying on bungee cord type things in the air! I was scared they were gonna land on me! Hahaha. It doesn't even seem like a church. But it is...lol. The facilities are beautiful...my mom wants to see the Glory of Christmas there....

Wednesday....went to Nickel Nickel with Trisha, Wes, Sandra, and Katie. We were raising up tickets to get Trisha a Care Bear which was 7500 tickets...we have around 1200. We're gonna have to go there a billion times to raise up 7500 tickets. We even took a little stop to the mall...to ask if Sandra could have her hair and makeup done at Vogue w/0 pictures. No go...She had to have pictures done. And we have to pay another $25 to get our hair done for realll. Like the lady said it was only for effect in the picture!!! She did not tell us that before!!! And I still need to hand out flyers for Vogue. If I'm good enough to pass them out next week, I'll pass them out in the senior lockers and make Trish pass them out. If we get six couples from school to take pictures there, we can get $29.95 credit for pictures! GHS peopless...take prom pix at Vogue in the Wesco mall!!! I guarantee they do a great job and that it's much cheaper than the school's pictures. At least you can pick your pictures. With the school's, it's what you see is what you get.......But okay...later on, I got to meet Paula Peralejo. She's an actress in the Philippines and she's pretty famous there. Mom, Dad, and I treated her to dinner as well as Marifi, Gretz, and Paula's cuz Margo. We ate Japanese (Tataki Sushi in San Dimas) and it was really good. I have a few pictures with her and she is really pretty in person. =] Better than TV. Like the first time I saw her, she was shopping in the store next to Tataki. It was interesting cuz she seemed really nice. I hope I get to bump into her again if she comes here or when I go back to Phils. this summer. Yep, it's confirmed. My mom already booked our flight for Japan Air yesterday. I am going to Philippines this summer… It should be interesting cuz I haven’t been there in three years. Trish and Wes don’t want me to leave………awww…it’s so sweet, but I don’t really have a choice. I mean, I haven’t seen my cousins from my mom’s side for a long time. I don’t get to have that chance very often. I know I’ll be gone for half the summer, but I know it will be worth it before and after. After I get back, the three of us are gonna go to the Ventura County Fair which is in August. I’m excited. We just have to see how long Trish can get off work first…LoL.

Thursday…I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed…and damn it hurt like a bitch. They put me to sleep and when I woke up, I was all numb in my mouth. What a great way to end Spring Break. Not. My cheeks are still swollen!!!! I look like Nemo. I wish it would all go away cuz I don’t like it at all. I can barely open my mouth cuz it hurts to. I can’t eat anything hard…so I’ve been living on mac and cheese, lasagna, and milkshakes. What a healthy lifestyle, huh? LoL. I forbid people that don’t live with me to come here to see me looking like this. My dad says I look like my Aunt Joyce cuz of my cheeks. Ugh, I don’t want to go to school on Monday looking like I do now. The doc said I have a sinus opening somewhere. Not cool. There’s nothing for me to be cheery about right now. Ugh, I feel so miserable.

My familia recently got invited to Kathleen’s (from Santa Maria) 18th birthday so I’m going to Santa Maria this next weekend. We reserved a place in the MOTEL 6!!! Haha cuz we’re cheap and we don’t know the familia that well to stay with them. I hope I feel good enough to still go on Friday. I didn’t even think I would get invited. I thought Kathleen was just saying that to us at Hansel’s after reception party a few years ago…and I didn’t know her at all!!! Like when Nikko came here to drop off his guest pass for Sadies he was all like oh I’m goin to Santa Maria for Kathleen’s cotillion cuz he’s in the 18 Roses. And Jody and Gretz were talking about it too cuz they were there and were invited. I was just like, eh whatever, I wasn’t invited anyways. I didn’t even think about it until a few days ago when we got our invite. I was all like to my mom, dude we don’t even know them that well and my dad was like, oh her dad is my cousin. So I guess in a weird ass way I’m related to Kathleen. Coolness! Whoa! I don’t even know who I’m related to anymore! Damn, I could be related to Camile Velasco or Jasmine Trias for all I know! Hahaha. Wouldn’t that be cool?

What a good but bad spring break! Happy early Easter everyone. I’m sad cuz I can’t eat candy tomorrow……………..

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[04 Apr 2004|01:29pm]
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